Mission: A primary goal of the University is to further educate and prepare students for excellence in their careers. The University offers an encounter with the Living Christ and integrating faith throughout an educational process.

Growth of the Whole Person. The University commits itself to: the growth of the whole person, rigorous academic standards, and a faithful devotion to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The University believes in a broad, liberal education guided by the principles of the Holy See. To that end, the University prides itself in providing diverse academic pursuits with faculty committed to the success of the student and the development of new Catholic leaders, on-fire for their faith, and able to evangelize in the workplace, marketplace and public square. The University is compelled to graduate students whose experience will support a total, active and joyous life of faith.

Rigorous Academic Standards. The University’s purpose is education. We seek men and women driven to seek knowledge in all its forms. We take seriously our charge to provide these students with the tools to pursue this goal. Theological and philosophical studies are the core of our religious tradition and integral to our Catholic heritage and instilling with our students. Intellectual curiosity, Christian values and commitment to excellence will be the essence of a University graduate.

Devotion to the Catholic Church. The University and all academic pursuits conducted therein are direct results of a clear and direct relationship to the Holy See. As a Catholic institution, we seek not to impose Catholicism, but rather to encourage the growth of Christ-like individuals in all of our academic programs. We commit to teaching individuals, who are committed to both excelling in their respective careers and standing out as Catholic leaders in their service to the community, Church and those less fortunate. Christ’s commands to serve those less fortunate and to spread the gospel are of no less importance than the academic goals of the University.

Community Outreach. The University is committed to encourage students to search for ways to serve the community, both in their pursuit of academic goals and in learning outside of the classroom as well. The University will support community outreach to the underserved and disadvantaged through scholarships, required student community volunteer efforts and partnering initiatives with organizations that can benefit from or leverage the University’s resources.